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  General Description  
WES specializes in applied economics research and general consultancy with more than 30 professional faculties in four major divisions: the Lim Institute for Public Policy Study (LIPPS).the Institute for Project Economics Study(IPES), the Global Development Institute (GDI), and the Industry and Business Institute(IBI). The society currently has more than a thousand members, including government agencies, business and industrial entities, institutions, universities, research groups, foundations, trade associations, socio-economic federations and NGOs. WES offers distinctive applied analyses, diagnoses, and operable resolution packs for many of the complex issues facing modern society.

research(analysis, case study, estimate, policy evaluation, policy proposal), publication, internship/practical training, organizing networks, consulting, subsidies.

Research Topics: economics, business and industries, development, finance and markets, government, trade, demography, communication and information, social issues, cities and suburbs, environment, science and technology, build-own/operate-transfer project, industrial policy, foreign direct investment policy, globalization strategy, human capital policy, knowledge economy.
Geographical Focus:domestic, international.
Chief Researchers:Dr. CHENG, Chin-Hua (Industrial economics, public policy); Dr. LEE, Mon-Chou(Chinese economy, business economy ); Dr. CHANG, Wen-Long(innovation management, public issues); Dr. WU, Choa-Chin(economic policy, financial policy);Esq.TAN,Yang Kung(human capital strategy, public policy); Ms. LIN, Shu-Mei(financial planning, project business study); Mr. LIAO, Manfred M.(public construction consultancy, project management)

Books & Reports: LIM, Bert J., and LIN, Mei, National Knowledge Park for Initiative Investment in People(2004); LIM, Bert J., and CHEN, Dun-Ji Triggering Exemplified Projects for NITI Taiwan: Northern Regional eCereb and iPort (2004); HONG, Chun-Chen, and LIM, Bert J., A Study on Re-investing Airport Authorities in Taiwan(2003); HUNG, CT, and CHENG, Chin-Hua, A Study on Revival Strategies for Metro-Taipei Conventional Industry(2003); LIM , Bert J., CHEN, Dun-Ji,NITI Program Planning and ITS Sustainable Initiatives (Ⅰ) (Ⅱ)((Ⅰ)2002(Ⅱ)2003); GOO,James YT, and CHENG, Chin-Hua, The 4-year Action Plans for National Commercial Services (2003); LIM, Bert J., and CHU, Chih-Peng, Appraisability and Marketability for the ITS Development in Taiwan(2002); LIM, Bert J., and HUANG, Junying, Generic Development Strategies Setting for the City Taipei Service Perspectives(2002).

Cooperation & Affiliation
The Conference Board, USA(IES economic scoreboard: regional and national economic forecast).

Funding Sources
budget(2002):USD 8 million
national government(80%) ,
contract research(8%),
internatonal organization(5%),
local government(5%)
membership fees(2%)
contract research accepted

Publication Accessibility
partially accessible